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Best Share Market Training Locations in Chennai


If you’re eager to learn about the share market and make informed investment decisions, Chennai has some excellent training centers to offer. These places provide in-depth knowledge and practical insights into the world of stocks, trading, and investments. Let’s explore some of the best share market training locations in Chennai.

  1. NSE Academy Limited:

    • Location: Chennai Anna Nagar

    • Overview: NSE Academy is an initiative by the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) to provide quality education and training in finance and related fields. They offer courses suitable for beginners to advanced learners.

    • Courses offered:

      • Beginner-level courses in stock market fundamentals
      • Advanced courses on technical analysis and derivative trading
      • Workshops and certification programs
  2. ShareGurukul:

    • Location: Mylapore, Chennai

    • Overview: ShareGurukul is a renowned institute known for its comprehensive share market courses. They focus on providing practical knowledge and hands-on training to their students.

    • Courses offered:

      • Equity trading and investing
      • Technical analysis and chart reading
      • Fundamental analysis and valuation techniques
  3. Institute of Financial Market Courses (IFMC):

    • Location: Chennai – T. Nagar

    • Overview: IFMC is a leading institute known for its finance-related courses. They offer a range of programs in share market trading and investments.

    • Courses offered:

      • Diploma in Financial Market (DFM)
      • Technical Analysis Program
      • Options Strategies for Traders
  4. Trading Gurukul:

    • Location: Vadapalani, Chennai

    • Overview: Trading Gurukul is a popular choice for individuals looking to learn about trading in the stock market. They provide a structured curriculum and practical training.

    • Courses offered:

      • Basics of stock market and trading
      • Advanced technical analysis
      • Algorithmic trading and strategies

    • Location: Online platform

    • Overview: Although not a physical location, BSE Varsity offers online courses in collaboration with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). They provide a wide range of courses suitable for beginners and experts alike.

    • Courses offered:

      • Certification in Equity Derivatives
      • Diploma in Capital Market
      • Technical Analysis module


These are some of the best share market training locations in Chennai, offering a wide range of courses suitable for beginners and experienced traders. Before enrolling in any program, it’s advisable to research and choose one that aligns with your specific learning objectives and level of expertise. Remember, the share market can be complex, so gaining a solid foundation through professional training can significantly enhance your investment journey. Happy learning and trading!

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