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  1. National Stock Exchange (NSE) Academy Kolkata

    • Location: Salt Lake City, Sector V
    • Details: NSE Academy offers comprehensive courses on stock market trading and investment. They provide both beginner and advanced level programs, making it suitable for all types of learners.
  2. Institute of Financial Market Courses (IFMC)

    • Location: Park Street
    • Details: IFMC is a renowned institute providing share market training in Kolkata. They offer various courses that cover fundamental and technical analysis, trading strategies, and risk management.
  3. Indian Institute of Technical Traders (IITT)

    • Location: Elgin Road
    • Details: IITT focuses on technical analysis and offers training programs to help students understand charts, indicators, and trading software. They have experienced trainers who provide hands-on training.
  4. BSE Institute Limited

    • Location: Dalhousie Square
    • Details: BSE Institute is affiliated with the Bombay Stock Exchange and offers a range of courses in stock trading, equity research, and financial markets. They have well-structured curriculum and expert faculty.
  5. Share Gurukul

    • Location: Camac Street
    • Details: Share Gurukul specializes in teaching stock market trading techniques. They have live trading sessions and provide practical exposure to stock trading.
  6. Institute of Career in Financial Market (ICFM)

    • Location: Dalhousie Square
    • Details: ICFM offers courses on equity, commodity, and currency trading. They focus on both theoretical and practical aspects of trading.

    • Location: Ballygunge
    • Details: is an online platform that provides comprehensive courses on the stock market. They have a user-friendly interface and offer a variety of courses for beginners and experienced traders.
  8. Stock Market Institute (SMI)

    • Location: Bhowanipore
    • Details: SMI conducts programs on stock market trading and investment. They emphasize practical trading and analysis to help students gain hands-on experience.
  9. Financial Trading Academy

    • Location: Salt Lake City, Sector V
    • Details: This academy focuses on technical analysis, algorithmic trading, and risk management. They provide real-time market data for practical training.
  10. Trading Station

    • Location: Rajarhat
    • Details: Trading Station offers courses on equity, commodity, and currency trading. They aim to educate individuals on how to trade independently.
  11. iPlan Education

    • Location: Salt Lake City, Sector V
    • Details: iPlan Education offers programs on stock market trading, financial planning, and analysis. They have a strong focus on skill development.
  12. The Growth Journey

    • Location: Salt Lake City, Sector V
    • Details: The Growth Journey provides courses on stock market investing and trading. They offer personalized coaching and mentorship.

These share market training institutes in Kolkata cater to a wide range of individuals, from beginners looking to enter the world of stock trading to experienced traders seeking to enhance their skills. Each institute has its own unique approach to teaching and provides various courses and resources to help individuals navigate the complexities of the stock market. Consider your goals and learning preferences when choosing the right institute for your needs.

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